Elite Aviation is a Global Charter Solution Provider located in the UAE. Our headquarters is positioned in the Middle Eastern metamorphosis of Dubai.
However, our global organization has assets in other areas of the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and around the world.
At Elite Aviation, our focus is on our customers by providing the highest quality service in the aviation industry. To ensure that each customer receives the ultimate level of attention and service, a dedicated account manager is assigned to provide customized care. Our highly skilled and professional account managers can offer the ideal charter solution to meet any needs that our customers may have.
Available around the clock, our account managers and expertly trained staff are accessible to customers to provide real – time information on their charters. From weather delays to the status of the aircraft, our customers are kept up – to -date and apprised about every detail that concerns their charter experience.
Elite Aviation works with a global network of professionals who can provide a wealth of information for any potential destination allowing us to plan any flight to anywhere in the world with expert precision.